Hyundai IONIQ 6 EV

The Electrified Streamliner is Hyundai’s new design typology of the electric mobility era.

It satisfies both aesthetic and functional needs, with clean simple lines and pure aerodynamic form seen in the IONIQ 6.

This new model will be arriving in New Zealand in late 2022.

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New Era

IONIQ 6, with a silhouette we’ve only dreamed of, is shaped with glass-like, transparent textures that reflect light exquisitely. It will connect you to another dimension, and evoke a new era.

Emotional Efficiency

With its aesthetic and aerodynamic silhouette, IONIQ 6’s design is completed with innovative proportion that never existed before. This streamlined curve makes the air flow around the vehicle smooth, making your drive more agile and sustainable.

Optimistic Futurism

IONIQ 6’s streamlined silhouette is not only the result of technological innovation, but it also portrays the laws of nature. Aesthetic curves and aerodynamic front design minimise air resistance, leading to the smoothest driving experience.

Symbol of Connection

The Parametric Pixel, inspired by the smallest element of digital imagery ‘pixel’, links the digital and analogue. Applied to every IONIQ model, the Parametric Pixel is the symbol of the IONIQ brand that connects generations and propels us towards an electric future.

Innate Purity

Like the soft surface of a river stone, IONIQ 6’s side is simple yet sensuous. Its rich volume and neat surface stimulate our senses, while representing futuristic advancement.

Unique Individuality

IONIQ 6’s sleek exterior has a unique, head-turning design. It reflects your individuality and bold self expression.