Sleek curves outside. Smart and sustainable inside. Nothing comes close to our newest award winning electric vehicle, IONIQ 6.

The IONIQ 6 has been named World Car of the Year for 2023, and along with that award, it also picked up World Electric Vehicle and World Car Design of the Year!

Hyundai IONIQ 6 EV - Electric Vehicle - New Car NZ


IONIQ 6 53 kWh 2WD

  • 429 km range
  • Cloth Interior Trim
  • Wireless Phone Charging
  • 12.3″ Touch Screen
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • Proximity Key & Push Start/Stop

IONIQ 6 77.4 kWh 2WD

  • 614 km range
  • Cloth Interior Trim
  • Wireless Phone Charging
  • 12.3″ Touch Screen
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • Proximity Key & Push Start/Stop

IONIQ 6 77.4 kWh Elite 2WD

  • 545 km range
  • Leather Interior Trim
  • Wireless Phone Charging
  • 12.3″ Touch Screen
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • Proximity Key & Push Start/Stop
  • Interior Mood Lighting
  • BOSE Premium Audio

IONIQ 6 77.4 kWh Limited AWD

  • 519 km range
  • Leather Interior Trim
  • Wireless Phone Charging
  • 12.3″ Touch Screen
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • Proximity Key & Push Start/Stop
  • Heads-Up Display (HUD)
  • Interior Mood Lighting
  • BOSE Premium Audio
  • 360 Surround View Monitor (SVM)
  • Digital Side Mirrors (DSM)


New Era

IONIQ 6, with a silhouette we’ve only dreamed of, is shaped with glass-like, transparent textures that reflect light exquisitely. It will connect you to another dimension, and evoke a new era.

Emotional Efficiency

With its aesthetic and aerodynamic silhouette, IONIQ 6’s design is completed with innovative proportion that never existed before. This streamlined curve makes the air flow around the vehicle smooth, making your drive more agile and sustainable.

Optimistic Futurism

IONIQ 6’s streamlined silhouette is not only the result of technological innovation, but it also portrays the laws of nature. Aesthetic curves and aerodynamic front design minimise air resistance, leading to the smoothest driving experience.

Symbol of Connection

The Parametric Pixel, inspired by the smallest element of digital imagery ‘pixel’, links the digital and analogue. Applied to every IONIQ model, the Parametric Pixel is the symbol of the IONIQ brand that connects generations and propels us towards an electric future.

Innate Purity

Like the soft surface of a river stone, IONIQ 6’s side is simple yet sensuous. Its rich volume and neat surface stimulate our senses, while representing futuristic advancement.

Unique Individuality

IONIQ 6’s sleek exterior has a unique, head-turning design. It reflects your individuality and bold self expression.


Digital Side Mirrors (DSM)

The cameras and OLED displays integrated with the dashboard offer a clearer, wider view than conventional side mirrors even at night and in bad weather conditions.

*Limited model only

Vehicle-to-Load (V2L)

V2L External Adaptor allows you to use the stored energy from the IONIQ 6 to recharge or power other electrical items. Recharge your e-bike, power electrical camping equipment, or even some domestic appliances. This is even possible when the vehicle is turned off. 

The V2L system can supply AC power of 230V / 50 Hz which is the same as a standard wall socket. Drawing a maximum of 3.6kW (or 15 Amps) of power consumption.

Integrated Display

The digital 12.3″ TFT cluster and 12.3″ infotainment touchscreen are integrated into a single screen for a wider view with easy access to all essential information. 

It has a day and night mode as well as a different colour scheme linked to the drive mode selected.  

Column-Type Shift By Wire (SBW)

If you want to go forward, shift forward – shifting made easy. SBW makes intuitive shifting possible by syncing the drive direction of the wheels to the shift direction of Column-Type gear lever. 

This also frees up more room on the centre console for more interior space and greater sense of openness.

Wireless Charging & USB ports

There’s a high-speed wireless charger port in the bridge-type centre console –  speed up wireless charging of your mobile phone with upgraded charging power. The 15-watt unit features a cooling function that prevents smartphone overheating for added safety. 

Get easy access to a total of 5 USB ports to charge, including one that supports data transfer for various smart devices.

BOSE Premium Sound System

The available BOSE premium sound system delivers stellar performance with eight high-performance speakers optimally tuned to deliver amazing sound.

*Elite & Limited model’s only


Lane Following Assist & Lane Keep Assist (LFA / LKA)

LFA keeps you centred and safer. When activated, it keeps the vehicle centred in its lane at speeds between 0 and 185 kilometres per hour on highways and city streets.

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA)

Perfect for parking lots. When reversing out of areas with low visibility, the system not only warns the driver if vehicles approach from the side – it also applies the brakes automatically.

Leading Vehicle Departure Alert (LVDA)

This clever feature for city driving alerts the driver when the vehicle in front departs from an idle state, like at a stoplight or in a traffic jam.

Blind Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA)

Delivering more safety in dense traffic, BCA will warn you and automatically apply the left or right brakes and control the steering when a vehicle is detected in your blind spot and you begin to change lanes.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA)

Stops your car fast, even if you’re distracted. FCA alerts you to slowing or stopped vehicles as well as cyclists and pedestrians in your path – and automatically applies full braking power if you don’t react in time.


Use the arrows or swipe to scroll colour options.


Eco-processed leather

Eco-processed leather treated with plant extracts and dyed with flaxseed oil is used in the seats and other interior components.


Surfaces such as interior door panels and steering wheel are coated in bio-paint which is composed with extracts from plants such as rape flowers and corn.

Recycled fishing net carpets

Sustainable fibers made from recycled fisher-nets are used in IONIQ 6’s carpets.