The ability to make the right decisions, the ones that give the best outcomes for the least risk, is what separates successful business owners from the rest. That’s what makes the Renault Master range a natural choice.

It features class-leading safety technology as standard, a comfortable and feature-packed cabin, and comes backed with the security of long warranties. Plus with 12-month service interval’s Master Van delivers real value to your bottom line.

Available in a range of different sizes, you’ll have no trouble finding one to suit your business.

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Master Short Wheel Base Mid Roof (L1H1)

  • 8m³ Cargo Capacity
  • 3.5T

Master Medium Wheel Base High Roof (L2H2)

  • 10.8m³ Cargo Capacity
  • 3.5T

Master Long Wheel Base High Roof (L3H2)

  • 13m³ Cargo Capacity
  • 3.5T

Master Extra Long Wheel Base Extra High Roof (L4H3)

  • 17m³ Cargo Capacity
  • 4.5T 

Available with a range of fitouts: Chiller / Freezer / Minibus / Cab Chassis / Campervan


Cruise Control & Speed Limiter

Cruise control works to minimise driver fatigue, while the integrated speed limiter helps  keep you safely within speed llimits.

Intelligent Cabin

A passenger bench seat integrated with a seat black table combines functionality and practicality to make your work day as productive as possible.

Wide Angle Mirrors

These allow the driver to get a greater view of what is happening around their vehicle.

Innovative Touchscreen

The Master van’s built-in touchscreen features navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

A sophisticated driver aid that sense loss of traction and then applies the brakes and/or reduces power to those wheels to keep your Master van on track. Roll Over Mitigation (ROM) will also apply targeted wheel braking when sensors detect the vehicle is turning too quickly and may be at risk due to its higher gravitational point.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

The Master van’s Anti-lock Braking System means you’ll be able to stop in the shortest distance possible, while maintaining full steering control.

With its four wheel discs and Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD), the Master van can come to a complete stop from 100km/h in less than 45 metres.

High Visibility

There’s an unrivalled view through the large windshield and extensively glazed side doors. Large side mirrors, a rear camera, optional front and rear park sensors and the innovative wide view mirror make for an excellent all-round visibility, even in the huge Extended Long Wheelbase model.


Glacier White

Pearlescent Black

Carmen Red

Star Grey