Lending Information

Auckland Vehicles’ finance is provided through UDC. In this section we provide information pertaining to fees and charges, our Credit Sale Agreement and terms and conditions. 

Fees and Charges

Please refer to our standard fees and charges. If other fees or charges apply, your consultant will fully disclose this prior to you entering into any financial agreement with us.

Credit Sale Agreement

Please refer to our Credit Sale Agreement by downloading the file below. If you have any questions whatsoever, please talk to one of our team.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions includes information on what happens if a borrower defaults under the agreement, repayment information and other clauses.


Please refer to commonly asked questions here, or talk to one of our team directly.

Change of Address

Information on how to change your address can be accessed using the button below.

Complaints Process

Access information on how to make a complaint; including what dispute resolution schemes we belong to and how a borrower can access them.

Hardship Considerations

Unexpected things can happen in life and you might not be financially prepared. Information on how a borrower can apply for unforeseen hardship relief, can be accessed below.