New Look Isuzu D-MAX

The new look Isuzu D-MAX maintains the power and durability that makes it one of the toughest utes in New Zealand, now with a striking new look and improved features. Whether you’re navigating challenging terrain or hauling heavy loads, the D-MAX rises to the occasion.

It has a new exterior look, including a striking new front grill, redesigned wheels, and reshaped headlights. Take this with the addition of some handy new interior features such as an updated multimedia system, the new ‘rough terrain’ driving mode, USB-C plugs and the option of a 7-inch digital cluster; there’s no doubt that 2024 D-MAX brings something new to the table. 

The new look D-MAX will also see the introduction of a new variant to the lineup in New Zealand – the X-Rider, which offers design cues similar to the X-Terrain.

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New Look Isuzu D-MAX Range

LX (2WD or 4WD)

RRP from $51,990*

Launch special from $46,490*


RRP from $65,990*

Launch special from $58,990*

LS (2WD or 4WD)

RRP from $58,990*

Launch special from $49,990*

X-Terrain 4WD

RRP from $76,990*

Launch special from $69,990*

Launch Specials



Retail Price (RRP)

Special Price (RSP)

D-MAX - LX 4WD Auto

Single Cab Chassis



D-MAX - LX 4WD Auto

Space Cab Chassis



D-MAX - LX 2WD Auto

Double Cab



D-MAX - LX 4WD Auto

Double Cab



D-MAX - LS-M 4WD Manual

Double Cab



D-MAX - LS-M 4WD Auto

Double Cab



D-MAX - LS-M 4WD Auto X-Rider

Double Cab



D-MAX - LS 2WD Auto

Double Cab



D-MAX - LS 4WD Auto

Double Cab



D-MAX - X-Terrain 4WD Auto

Double Cab



Exterior Features

New look D-Max Lights

Updated LED Headlights

The 2024 D-MAX’s features a new distinctive LED headlight design which offers both improved lighting performance along with a bold updated look. 

Also included is the new welcome function which activates the lights when the vehicle is unlocked.

New Look D-MAX Tail lights

LED Tail Lights

The LED tail lights on the LS and X-Terrain models feature a stylish new three-step motif design.

This provides a distinctive and recognisable look when viewing the 2024 D-MAX from the rear.

New Look D-MAX Wheels

Wheels & Tyres

The D-MAX utilises the above combination of alloy wheels for all models except the LX which features steel wheels.

These are paired with either AT or HT models depending on the variant. 

Interior Features

Touchscreen Multimedia System

One of the most distinct improvements to the 2024 D-MAX is the updated infotainment screens found across the range. These feature a completely new graphic interface and updated map designs whilst also improving functionality.

Multi Information Display

The 2024 D-MAX features a pair of updated MID clusters to provide a more advanced and modern look to the interior of the D-MAX.

Most notable is the new 7” digital cluster which can be found in the LS & X-Terrain model line-up which now features a range of expanded information for the driver.

Rough Terrain Mode (4X4 models)

Rough Terrain Mode has been newly fitted to 4×4 variants of the 2024 D-MAX. This limits the torque applied to the spinning wheels by stronger application of the brakes on the spinning wheel, and a more aggressive throttle control. Rough Terrain Mode throttle control limits wheel spin, even if the accelerator is opened fully, thus controlling torque at the wheel, allowing the vehicle to proceed onwards.

New Look Isuzu D-MAX Colours

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T&Cs: New-Look D-MAX launch RSP offers are only available until 12.05.2024 or while stocks last. Available on specified 2024 D-MAX models. Not available in conjuction with any other promotion. Only valid at Auckland Vehicles – Isuzu Dealerships.