There’s a vibrant feeling about the new Kona Series II. It’s a youthful, playful design that stirs the senses and invites closer examination of its capabilities.

Step inside, press the start button and Kona stirs to life to deliver exceptional dynamic performance.

From front to back, Kona Series II has been extensively enhanced to meet the needs of customers who lead active lifestyles. You’re the driver of your life. Drive Kona.

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Kona Series II 2.0 Entry PE

  • Smartsense safety technology
  • 8″ touchscreen system
  • Reversing sensors and camera
  • 17″ alloys

Kona Series II Elite 2.0 PE

  • Leather interior
  • Front heated electric seats
  • 10.25″ touchscreen
  • 18″ alloys

Kona Series II Limited 2.0 PE

  • Leather heated interior
  • Ventilated front electric seats
  • 10.25″ touchscreen with satellite navigation
  • LED head lights and tail lights

Kona Series II 1.6T AWD Entry PE

  • Smartsense safety technology
  • 8″ touchscreen system
  • Reversing sensors and camera
  • 17″ alloys

Kona Series II 1.6T AWD Elite PE

  • Leather interior
  • Front heated electric seats
  • 10.25″ touchscreen
  • 18″ alloys

Kona Series II 1.6T AWD N-Line 

  • Leather interior
  • Front heated electric seats
  • 10.25″ touschreen with satellite navigation
  • N Line exterior and interior styling


LED Headlights

Stylish headlights on the Limited model features LED technology to deliver maximum illumination while drawing a minimal amount of electricity.  

LED Tail Lights

The LED tail lights on the Limited model offer maximum illumination whilst looking both distinctive and stylish. A perfect finishing touch for the dynamic Kona.

Alloy Wheels

Confident and unique, the Kona’s alloy wheels are optimised for aerodynamics, artfully combining efficiency and style. For an extra dose of style the Kona Elite, N-Line & Limited feature a sporty 18″ design. (Kona Elite & Limited wheel shown)

Roof Rails

Heading to the great outdoors or exploring the urban jungle? The Kona comes equipped with standard roof rails with a capacity of 60kg, allowing you to make the most of your weekend.

Leather Interior Trim

Step inside the Kona Elite & Limited and its premium feel will strike you immediately. With a leather-appointed* steering wheel, seats, and gear knob, you can immerse yourself in high-quality materials wherever you venture.

*Leather appointed may contain elements of genuine leather, polyurethane leather (leather substitute) or man-made materials, or a combination thereof.

Heated Seats

In cold weather, the front seats can be heated at three different levels on the Kona Elite & N-Line. For Kona Limited customers this goes one step further with the addition of heated rear outer seats with two different heating levels.

10.25″ Supervision Cluster

The Kona features a stunning 10.25” digital supervision cluster, which puts all the essential information about your vehicle front and centre such as speed, safety icons and fuel economy.

For an added functionality the display can be customised to your own preference with a range of different designs to suit your mood.

Heated Steering Wheel

For those chilly days, the Kona Limited includes a heated steering wheel. Within moments of pressing the button the steering wheel will heat up providing a touch of luxury.


Smart Cruise Control

Cruise control that not only maintains a speed, but also slows and even stops to meet a pre-set distance to the car in front.

Forward Collision-Avoidance (FCA)

Maintain a safe stopping distance with cars, bikes and pedestrians. First a warning will be sounded followed by braking intervention.

Blind-spot Collision Avoidance (BCA)

When driving at a speed of 30km/h or higher, the BCA function will alert the driver to vehicles that enter the blind-spot and will even provide intervention if required.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Having the right tyre pressure is more than just good for your tyres and fuel economy – it’s a safety issue too. The Kona’s Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) displays the pressure for each individual tyre on the instrument cluster, warning the driver if pressure drops.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

In an emergency manoeuvre, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) helps keep you on track, while Hyundai’s Traction Control System (TCS) monitors your grip, reducing wheel spin so that you can accelerate on slippery or uneven road surfaces.

Driver Attention Warning (DAW)

A driver protection feature which helps monitor driving patterns in order to detect reckless or fatigued driving and prevent potential accidents. If the system detects inattentive driving patterns, an audible and visual alert on the display panel will bring this to the driver’s attention. 

High Beam Assist

LED high beams and low beams automatically adjust to meet the needs of the environment and surrounds. (Limited model.

Safe Exit Assist

Safe Exit Assist blocks attempts to disengage the child safety lock and prevents the rear door from opening when it is unsafe to do so.

Front & Rear Parking Assist Sensors

The Kona thinks of everything. To help with parking in tight spots, four ultrasonic sensors at the front (Limited only) and rear of the Kona are automatically activated when you select reverse, giving an audible warning if and where objects are detected.

Hyundai Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS)

The usage of advanced high-strength steel alloy has been expanded to 51 percent of the body structure. To attain unprecedented levels of structural rigidity, critical components were fabricated using advanced hot stamping technology.


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