Renault Service Plans

Protect yourself against a possible rise in service costs with our Pre-Paid Renault Service Plans.

You’ll know exactly what you’ll spend on servicing your Renault and how long your service plan lasts.

Get your quality Renault service at the same price, every time.

You can find out more below, or use our form to make an enquiry or request a quote.

Why get a Renault Pre-Paid Service Plan?
  • No hidden surprises.
  • Totally transferable: you can transfer your Renault Service Plan to the next owner if you decide to sell your Renault. Always a nice resale value bonus.
  • Nothing but the best: all repairs and servicing are carried out by our qualified and highly trained technicians to the very highest standards.
  • 100% genuine Renault: rest assured that only guaranteed new Renault Genuine Parts will be fitted during services.
Trained Exprets

Regular scheduled servicing within our network has real benefits. Our specialist technicians use Renault diagnostic equipment to spot things that may be missed by the untrained eye. They’re trained to the highest level as part of Renault’s global training standards, and they have access to factory supplied information specific to your vehicle. It is this level of expertise and information that you simply won’t get if you decide to take your Renault to your local garage.


You can choose how long your service plan lasts, and it is based on either time or kilometers travelled (whichever comes first), so long as it covers a minimum of two service internals. 

Renault Genuine Parts

We use genuine Renault parts, of course. These parts are built and tested to be specifically correct for your vehicle and are covered by a warranty. Your safety is our number one priority. We can’t vouch for the safety or performance of non-Renault parts. Slightly off or incorrectly installed parts will compromise the integrity of your vehicle.

Interested in hearing more about Pre-Paid Renault Service Plans?

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