Meet the Hyundai IONIQ SEVEN

Although still a concept, IONIQ 7 represents what the future of electric SUV mobility may look like.

From its signature Parametric Pixel lights that welcome you back with a unique light show, to a revolutionary lounge-like cabin tastefully designed with swivelling chairs and curved bench seat, SEVEN is a boldly electrifying concept SUV unlike anything you’ve seen.

IONIQ SEVEN is the safest and most comfortable place to enjoy your time together or alone. It goes way beyond the idea of just transporting you and reimagines the time and space you travel in. 

IONIQ SEVEN’s space innovation is unprecedented. The design priority lies in innovating the space to offer more freedom than ever before. IONIQ SEVEN’s wheelbase is a class-leading 3.2m.

SEVEN Concept’s Vision Roof Display features a panoramic OLED screen that not only displays various content based on passengers’ tastes but also changes the overall interior atmosphere for maximum relaxation or enjoyment, to guarantee maximum relaxation and pleasure during the journey. Also, SEVEN Concept’s built-in Mini Fridge provides chilled refreshment on the go, and the Shoe-care Compartments refresh passengers’ footwear.

Watch this space for more information about the IONIQ SEVEN. In the meantime, you can use the button below to explore our current EV range – including the award-winning IONIQ 5 & IONIQ 6.